your problems are symbols of your unmet potential

and can be powerful turning points in your life that can connect you to a bigger vision, greater awareness, and new perspectives of what might be missing in your life.

change processes can be a call to adventure

Whether the problem is organizational, individual, or a relationship issue dealing with change, uncertainty, and trouble can be as engaging as reading a well-written suspense thriller. Exploring who you are in the midst of trouble can be as exciting as embarking on a daring adventure and lifestyle of ever expanding horizon.

exceptional and transforming insights for individuals, couples and organizations during times of change

Are you ready and want to go deeper into yourself in order to address personal problems or to redirect your life?

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Are you facing major relationship problems or do you feel stuck and want to move to a more satisfying relationship place? 

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Is your group, team, or organization ready to make serious changes and breakthroughs, but you can't seem to get beyond plans and goals? 

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jytte vikkelsoe ph.d.,, mpf, is an international lecturer, seminar facilitator, coach, therapist, and organizational consultant